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Polyserver daemon (polysrvd)

We are trying to test using the Polyserver daemon (polysrvd) instead of using
the INET daemon to spawn plogin.  How do you configure polysrvd to tell it
where psv resides, which TCP port to use, etc.?  Under what userid should
polysrvd be started?  Any help will be appreciated.


  Michael Wilson                       m…@msg.ti.com
  Defense Systems & Electronics        (214) 575-5421   voice
  Texas Instruments, Inc.              (214) 575-2628   fax

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RE : putlistitems/getlistitems problem -Reply

I apologize to everybody on the list for my last personal email
to Deepak.

Have a nice weekend,

>>> Leo So <s…@mail.trglink.com> 10/27/95  5:19pm >>>

  so you think you are funny.


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PolyServer Communnications Requirements.


A potential customer wants to know what communications line requirements there are when running
Uniface SIX via PolyServer.

I need to tell them:

- Line Band Width required
– Latency requirements
– Throughout required.

I need this by the end of 29-oct-95!! The answer can be an approximation.

If anyone could help me out I’d be VERY grateful.

Please send your responses directly to: o_…@netvision.net.il

Best Regards,

OST Israel

Name:            Meron LAVIE
E-mail:          Meron LAVIE <o_…@netvision.net.il>
Date (MM/DD/YY): 10/28/95
Time:            02:59:34

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Printing in color

Platform        : Windows
Version         : 5.2.f2

Is there a way to manipulate a device table so that text prints out, to a
color printer, in a certain color?

For example: Lines 1,2 of your printed text would be normal but then you
             wanted lines 3-15 to print in red, for an error warning and
             then have the remainder of the print back to normal.

We are needing some documents to print text entirely in blue and others
to be normal.

\   Name: Lance Perry                                    /
/   E-mail: lpe…@redstone-emh2.army.mil                \
\           lpe…@hiwaay.net                            /
/   Company: SESI                                        \

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cursor in text fields

We have painted our fields the same length as the max length text allowed. In
general the cursor follows the last character entered in a text field, except
for the last character of the field which it preceeds (the cursor can sit at
the far left edge of a field, but not at the far right). This coupled with the
feature that Uniface remembers the last cursor position within a field when a
user tabs to the field, can confuse the user who wants to change one of the
last two characters.  We don’t really want to make each field an extra
character wide.  We were thinking that it might be easier for users if the
cursor always went to the beginning of a field, even after returning to it
from another field.  Does anyone know how to force this?  We are using 5.2.f
on Mac clients with a Vax Alpha server.
Nancy Storch
Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Lab

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RE : putlistitems/getlistitems problem


>Problem Number 2:
>In the debugger, examing the contents of the datetime field tells me that
>it is still  equal to (NULL)
>BUT if iIexecute
>  if (datetime_field.entity = "")
>    message "Its NULL"
>  endif
>The condition is always evalueated to false.

If you replace the double quotes with single quotes
(field.entity = ”) – the condition should evaluate to true.
If an invalid value is assigned to a date or
 numeric field the field will still be displayed as NULL in the
debugger but you have to use single quotes for null checking.

>Problem Number 1:
>Back in the main screen, I do      
>      getlistitems/occ $$parm1,"entity" but $status is only set to 64  ie
>there are 2 fields that were not copied from $$parm1 into "entity"
>Examining $$parm1 I can see that it does contain the fields that are not
>copied into the entity, and if I do
>      getitem/id fieldname.entity,$$parm1,"fieldname" to explicitly fetch the
>value of one of those fields, it works OK.

One reason i can think of is :
In the main form you do not have those 2 fields painted and are
not refering to them in your form proc code (u might be using them in
cenrtral procs) and you have the field list set to "No fields" – so that
uniface is not including them in the field subsetting.
When you use getitem/id you are using the field name in your proc
and uniface automatically includes the field  in the subsetting.
If this is the case one way out is to set the field list to "All fields"
in the entity properties of the main form.

Hope this helps


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MS Windows Fonts

I am using Uniface 52g on MS Windows. I would like to obtain a non
proportional font which approximates to Arial ie sans serif. This would
enable us to get away from the typewriter look of Courier and to
have our buttons, labels and data all looking the same
(give or take proportional spacing). Does anyone know of any and where
they can be obtained?

I believe this problem is solved in Uniface Six.


Anne Gooley

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Uniface and C structs.

Hi everyone,

I am not a uniface developer but I have been reviewing an architecture
that uses it.  The application needs to take a buch of fields from a Uniface
screen (form?) and send it over to a process (not polyserver) on a VAX that
will manipulate this information.  The developers have been using DCE to
implement the inter-box communication, and have been calling the DCE from
a C DLL which in turn was called from Uniface.  The problem is that they
tell me that the only way to get information from the screen and send it to
the C DLL is to concatenate all the fields to strings and send the string
to the DLL.  On the VAX side they parse the string.  

My question is: does Uniface support some kind of struct or record or
pointer to struct concept that would allow a Uniface app to call a C DLL
and pass a struct to the C routine?

Also, if there are books or net sites where this is covered I would
appreciate info on those.

Thanks in advance for your help,



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Re: Uniface – Is it the answer to all my dreams?

1.  Uniface requires very little use of 3gl.  Typically, the only need for
3gl is for calculations that involve high level math functions (e.g.
curvature of the earth from point A to point B).

2.  I generally use the DBMS for batch processes.  Uniface can do small
functions but can get bogged down when the number of rows exceeds 500 to

4.  Oracle Developer 2000 seems to have a lot of bugs under MS-Windows
(3.11).  It (and Oracle in general) consumes massive amounts of system
resources (RAM and disk).

6.  I’ve used Uniface several years and have not encountered any add on
products that improve productivity.  Some "development environments" such
C-One and Univision help enforce standards if you can live within their
strict limitations.

Ed Gadziemski
EFG Systems
Ashburn, VA

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Midwest Uniface Users Group Meeting – November 6th

It is my pleasure to announce the next meeting of the Midwest Uniface =
Users’ Group! =20

At our last meeting,  65 people representing 30 companies from six =
states had the opportunity to hear several informative and interesting =
presentations concerning Uniface development. =20

The agenda for the November meeting will include presentations on =
"Integrating Windows Help Into Uniface Applications" and a review of the =
proceedings at
the last National User Conference.  There will also be an update on the =
current versions of the Uniface product suite    There will be expanded =
time for a Technical Q&A – Open Forum in the afternoon where you can =
bring up any issues that you have experienced while using Uniface.  Come =
prepared with your problems and solutions!   In addition, we are =
currently working on having a Compuware representative speak about =
Uniface Customer Support strategies.  I will send out
another message with a more complete agenda tomorrow afternoon.

Vital Information

        When:   Monday, November 6

        Where:  Metamor Technologies
                One North Franklin,  3rd Floor
                Chicago, IL 60606

        Time:   8:30 AM – 5:30 PM  (Continental breakfast and lunch=20
will be provided)

We are in need of one additional presentation for the meeting.  If you =
or a member of your staff would be interested in giving either a =
technical or project-related presentation at this meeting, please give =
me a call as soon as possible
at 312-251-4206 and let me know your interest in doing a presentation =
and what your presentation topic would be.  Past presentations have been =
approximately 45 minutes in length.

We look forward to an excellent turnout!  Please RSVP to Metamor at =
(800) METAMOR (462-6301) by November 3.  If you have any questions with =
regards to directions from the airports or expressways and suggestions =
of nearby hotels, please call Carol Nuelle at 312-629-0135 and tell her =
that you are interested in attending the Midwest Uniface Users Group.  =
She will be happy to help you in making reservations at nearby hotels.

I hope you will be able to attend! =20
Jeffrey Ring

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