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RESUME from Belgium.

 Here is my CV. I’m searching to leave Belgium and I have applied to
immigration in Canada. If the job is interesting, I will accept to work
UK as well.

Best regards

Georges Moiny

begin 600 Cv_us.doc

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Re: Fields getting truncated on display

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ramani.krish…@jda.com wrote:

> Hi ,
> We are having a display problem with Uniface 6.1dp.
> In one of the terminals a field 15 characters long displays only first 8
> characters and remaining characters are blank. If you zoom the field and
> come back all 15 characters are visible. This happens with fields of
> other sizes too.
> Other terminals with same configuration settings seem to work ok.
> The only difference in .ini settings is
> the one that has problem uses ora7333.dll and other that works uses
> ora7231.dll
> We have tried changing the font size etc and this terminal still has the
> problem.
> Could anyone give suggestions as to what options to try?
> Thanx for your time.
> Environment – Windows 95 -> Oracle and SQL*Net

This sounds like a WIN95 bug in 6.1.dp that was corrected with version
6.1.dt.  Are the terminals that seem to display the field correctly
running Windows 3.1 or Windows 95?  Installing 6.1.dt corrected this
problem for our WIN 95 PCs…  Hope this helps!

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Re: DDE interface from Uniface to Excel

> Subject:       DDE interface from Uniface to Excel
>      Could anyone provide a sample code which create or transfer Uniface
>      form data to excel.

>      TIA
>      martin

Look in the FAQ version 2, and environment specific guide.
Basically most things that can be done in Excel through manual or
automated means can be acheived through DDE, although it can be
tedious at times. Note cell addressing using row-column syntax (eg
cell A3 is addressed r3c1).

Here is some sample code:
; Do DDE with EXCEL, using tasklog.xls file

; test for open DDE session
$50 = "EXCEL"      ;SERVICE
$51 = "SYSTEM"
$52 = "TOPICS"
$53 = ""
PERFORM "uDdeRequest"

if ($status = 0)
   message "an excel session open"
   if ($53[1:13] != "[TASKLOG.XLS]")  ; OPEN BUT WRONG SESSION
      message "wrong sess opened = %%$53 status=%%$status"
      $50 = "EXCEL"
      $51 = "SYSTEM"
      $52 = ""
      $53 = "[OPEN(%%"F:\TASKLOG.XLS%%")]"
      perform "uDdeExecute"
   message "no excel open = %%$53 status=%%$status"

; ALTER CELL H3 TO ’300′
$50 = "EXCEL"
$51 = "[TASKLOG.XLS]Sheet1"
$52 = "R3C8"
$53 = "300"
perform "UDdePoke"
if ($status != 0) message "err poke: %%$status :: %%$53"

$50 = "EXCEL"
$51 = "Sheet1"
$52 = "r14c1"
$53 = ""
perform "UDdeRequest"
message /info "Cell data = %%$53"

$50 = "EXCEL"
$51 = "[TASKLOG.XLS]Sheet1"
$52 = "r14c1"
$53 = ""
perform "UDdeRequest"
message /info "Cell data = %%$53"

$50 = "EXCEL"
$51 = "SYSTEM"
$52 = ""
$53 = "[CLOSE(%%"F:\TASKLOG.XLS%%")]"
perform "UDdeExecute"
if ($status != 0) message "err close: %%$status :: %%$53"

Don Slade
Project Manager
Management Information Systems
Nelson Polytechnic
email: dsl…@admin.nelpoly.ac.nz

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Polyserver on SUN Utra Enterprise 3000


Is there anyone out there who has installed polyserver 6.1.db on a SUN
Ultra Enterprise 3000 with Solaris 2.5.  If so, would you please
acknowledge this message.  The official position of compuware says there is
no problem.  But my past experience tell me otherwise.

EMail: bpellet…@artefact.qc.ca

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Re: multiline Constants


     Yes, it is possible by putting your code in a global message and use
     this message as the expression of your global constant :

     Constant name      Expression
     X                  $text(0129)

     Proc code :

     FLD.ENT = <X>


     Pol Boonen

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Subject: multiline Constants
Author:  unifac…@ctc.ctc.edu at CWUS-Internet
Date:    07/8/97 7:10 AM

Is it possible to use multiline Constants in Uniface 7.1?
I want to use Constants for Uniface-Code instead direct coding
in Proc-Triggers to get rid of global updates.

Please respond by email: gra…@kwsoft.de

        Uwe Grauer

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etting properties with 3gl-Functions

Is it possible to set properties with 3gl-Functions in Uniface 7.1?
The 3gl-Documentation only talks about getting properties.

Please respond by email: gra…@kwsoft.de

        Uwe Grauer

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Oracle views…

– [ From: Adrian Swift * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] —

Hi all,

I have an intermittent problem with views.

Depending on the load on the system (i.e demand on the database),
periodically Uniface will drop the connection to the database when
retrieving against a view.

The exact error message is :

"ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel"

Once this happens the Uniface session has to be closed and launched again as
the connection to the database has been dropped.

Anyone else had this problem ?  Is it because I have bad data in one or more
of the joined tables ?

The environment is :

Uniface 61.dt on NT4
HP-UX B.10.10.E


Adrian Swift
Western Pacific Data Systems
San Diego, CA, 92037

Voice Mail : (619) 454-0028 x815
Email : adri…@wpds.com

Project Office : (904) 244-6200 / 6256

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Re: Uniface 2 slow 4 us


     I’ve seen this in a couple of other customer situations

     They went from DecNet to MS TCP.  The time it took to run some of the
     reports increased by more than 400% – in some instances more than
     1000%…..  To cut a long story short – it was MS-TCP that caused that
     problem.  MS later admitted that ‘…winsock doesn’t acknowledge /
     receive the packets fast enough…’
     The customer installed Pathworks – and everything is now fine.

     This was over a year ago – I don’t know if MS has fixed it – but
     NT 3.51 is quite old – so they might still have the problem….


** Knut Dybendahl        email: knut_dybend…@compuware.com **
** Compuware Asia-Pacific P/L   phone: +61 (0)2 9927 2799    **
** All opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily    **
** reflect the opinions of the company that I work for       **


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Subject: Uniface 2 slow 4 us
Author:  unifac…@ctc.ctc.edu at CWUS-Internet
Date:    97/08/07 10:11

Hello out there in Uniface Land,

we have migrated our Uniface environment from Windows 3.1x
to Windows NT 3.51 and we’re using Polyserver over TCP/IP
to connect to an Oracle Parallel Database running on an
OpenVMS Digital Alpha Cluster. Our current Uniface Release
is 6.1dt.
After porting our Software to the new Operating System,
we have a dramatically Performance reducement (up to ten times
slower) by running unchanged Forms with the new 32 Bit Version
of Uniface.
We have made serveral tests to analyze this problem. But until
yet we have no idea why this happens.
Is there anybody out there who can help us solving our problem
or has the same experience as we have?


Michael Lohmar

| Michael Lohmar                       | BASF AG, Ludwigshafen      |
| Systemmanager VAX/VMS  Alpha/OpenVMS | DUR/FI  K 357              |
| Oracle DBA                           | Carl-Bosch-Str. 38         |
|                                      | D-67056 Ludwigshafen       |
|                                      | Germany                    |
| email:                               | voice: +49-621-60-79619    |
| michael.loh…@plato.dur.basf-ag.de  |   fax: +49-621-60-79640    |

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Re: Cut + Paste from Menus

copy option trigger:

macro "^SAVE"

cut option trigger:

macro "^REM_SELECT"

paste option trigger:

macro "^INS_SELECT"

Barry Stubbs
TDCJ/Windham School District

At 09:12 PM 8/6/97 -0700, you wrote:

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>Hi all

>I am trying to execute execute windows cut, copy  
>and paste operations from menu items.

>I have the accelerator keys setup, but I have no idea what to put in
>the Options Trigger.

>Hints greatfully accepted.

>Don Slade
>Project Manager
>Management Information Systems
>Nelson Polytechnic
>email: dsl…@admin.nelpoly.ac.nz

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