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retrieving case sensitive


can I retrieve records for a DB no matter if the letters of the search
string is Capital or small ? How can I do it ?

We want to let the user to see the fields AS he wrote them, BUT we want
to let him retrieve the records even if he makes mistakes with the
capital or small letters.

Oracle/Solid/Polyserver using uniface 6.x

thanks :)

Yossi Nixon
Koor Communications – Israel
Tel: +972-8-9774949
Fax: +972-8-9774860
Email: koor…@netvision.net.il

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Re: Japanese Visual Basic 4.0

     Hi Anthony,

     Inorder to convert your application into Japanese, You need to
     purchase Japanese MS Visual Basic 4.0.  It is available in Japan so
      I asume you can order from MS or nearest software store.


     Richie Takeuchi

___________________________________  T M _______________________________________
 <: Japanese Visual Basic 4.0
   M R:  unifac…@ctc.ctc.edu at CWUS-Internet
 z t:    97/10/17 12:02

We are currently utilizing the MS Visual Basic 4.0 Grid Control in our =

We are converting our application into Japanese – does anyone know if we =
will need a Japanese version of Visual Basic and if this exists???


Anthony Widdowson

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Simplified Chinese

We are looking at localizing our applications into Simplified Chinese.

Does anyone know if a Simplified Chinese version of NT 4.0 Server exists and if SQLServer 6.5 supports Simplified Chinese.


Anthony Widdowson
Midland Software Ltd,

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Uniface Job Web Page for UK

Compile Recruitment has a number of Uniface roles in the UK.

Email: Comp…@aol.com

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Re: wrong args in call to UNIFACE_IO

UNIFACE_IO normally refers to the package definition.  Did you
cross-reference your
model, set usys$ora_params upgrade packages; and create the new packages?
for development, you should use usys$ora_params disable packages; until you

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Karen Kluge wrote:
> I get the following error when the READ trigger for an entity called

> I/O function: F, mode: 0, on file/table: UNIT_PROGRAM index: 1 =
> ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
> PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘UNIFACE_IO’
> ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
> PL/SQL: Statement ignored
> ORACLE Driver Error [-35]: Fetch driver function failed.

> I thought perhaps there was a mismatch between the definition of the
> table in Oracle and Uniface, but the column names and types in Oracle
> match the definitions generated by Uniface when I use the "Create Table"
> utility, as do the index and primary key definitions.  I have run the
> Create Table file to recreate the packages on the database to no avail.

> Does anyone know what else this might be?

> Karen Kluge
> University of California, Davis

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Does RCI still work in Seven?

I have just successfully linked the unsupported RCI (Remote Command
Interface) freeware from Compuware to my Polyserver running on an Alpha
OpenVMS server. I have created a form which works great – I am able (from
my Windows NT3.5 & 4 client) to execute any number of VMS commands on the
server and get the results back.

I am wondering if RCI will still link to a version V7 polyserver.

I know that SOME of the functionality in RCI will be available via V7
SERVICES, but I STILL like the idea of having this kind of access to the
server’s OS.

P.S. I found out about RCI in Pillars of Wisdom.

Thanks in advance for any responses,                       Steve Laprise

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Upgrading from v6 to v7

I am having trouble upgrading the repository from version 6 to version 7.
I have imported the data, upgraded the repository and now the forms are not
visible and every time you enter v7 it says it is using an uninitialized v5
or v6 repository.

Has anybody else had this problem and if so how did you overcome it?

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Re[2]: wrong args in call to UNIFACE_IO

     At the risk of using even more band-width, I apologize for copying the
     entire day’s digest in my reply.  I’ll try to be more careful next time.

     Eric Levin

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Uniface Version 6/7 Printing

  Has anybody experienced an extra form feed in prints produced from
Versions 6 and 7 of Uniface in Windows environments. Capturing the file
sent to the printer you can see that tagged onto the end of what you
would expect is a re-initialization string and a form feed. Have Uniface
released any patch’s for this or are we stuck with it?


  Mark Hancock (Technical Consultant, MFT Computer Systems Ltd.)

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Retrieve on multiple entities?

Does anyone know of a solution for the following problem?
We have a database with the entities company and contacts ( one company can
have multiple contacts)
We want to have a form (ext. schema) in which we can use search criteria
from both company as contact.
For example retrieve all contacts whose name is Smith and work for a company
in city London.
In this form we also want to be able to update, insert and delete contacts.
The user must be able to search on all fields of the table contact (12
fields) and all the fields of the table company (30+ fields)
Our version of uniface is currently 5.2 and soon we will upgrade to 6.
Our dbms is BasisPlus.


Bert Tijmensen

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