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[U-L] P_MSWINX and Fax (7.201)

Uniface 7.2.01  Win95 and Win NT 4.0   Oracle 7.3

It seems the P_MSWINX only works with Windows provided print drivers.  Our
HP printers with HP provided drivers did not recognize the P_MSWINX, and
have been added/reinstalled with Windows drivers.  While this works, we
have substituted other drivers for the HP6 and HP 5N that are not yet
included with Windows. This means the loss of the communications
functionality of the HP6 since it had to be uninstalled.  Does anyone know
anything about this issue, and is it different in 7.2.02?

The next problem is that my various fax software packages also do not
recognize the output from P_MSWINX or P_MSWIN3.  In version 6.1dl P_MSWIN3
was read very nicely by a wide variety of fax packages.  What happened and
what can I do?  I hope someone has found something about this.

Thanks in advance for any help…

Barbara Breeden
e-mail: br…@ucdavis.edu

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Job Oppty, Full Time or Contract

Just wanted to clarify that the opportunity if Cincinnati is ideally a full
time position, but they’ll take a contractor.  (They’ll probably also
consider a contract to permanent arrangement.)

The candidate needs to have HP and Uniface experience.

If interested, please contact me by writing to




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"C" program calling uniface

If someone has an example of a "C" program executing uniface and passing
variables; could you please forward it to me.

We are trying to start uniface from a "C" program and pass to it variables
that are sent to us over a unix pipe.  Any help would be appreciated.




        uniface   6.1dt
        unixware 2.03

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[U-L] Rounding

    To all you experts who have migrated financial applications form Uniface
    to Uniface 6:

    Did you run into rounding problems ? How did you solve them ?

    Any good advice will be appreciated.



    Ronny Horovitz
    Formula Technologies
    39 Hagalim Boulevard
    Herzliya, Israel
    Tel:   (972) 9 9598749
    Fax:  (972) 9 9598822
    email: ro…@formula.co.il

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[U-L] Lots of Data in a field

I remember seeing somewhere on the listserver that somebody had used 1.5mb
of data in a field (unifield/editbox) using the file_load.  How was this
done, what settings do you need, if any, on the unifield/editbox and what
interface were you using.

Help !!!!!!


Andrew Ridsdale

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[U-L] Uniface 7.1 and Novell?l (A)

You must use the NetwareClient32 from Novell

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[U-L] Enhanced proc editor

I’ve installed Uniface V7.202 on a shared network drive.

When I try and use the enhanced editor, the message bar says:

Enhanced Proc Editor initialized

But the editor never appears.

Also what is the *.AE file for ???


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[U-L] Max entity width


We are trying to build a print program in Uniface 6.1du with a width of
about 500 characters (dont’t ask why please).

But we cannot paint an entity wider than 340 characters. I think there is a
4K or 8K limit for the total paint area but we are no where near that.

Who knows where this 340 char limit comes from and what to do about it?

Th.J. Neeskens
Ordina Industrie
The Netherlands

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[U-L] Different coloured items in a DropDown List Box

Hi People,

(Uniface 6.1db, Windows 3.11)

Has anyone loaded a dropdown list box with each item in a
different colour ?


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Re: [U-L] Tree widget control from proc code

Hi Bob,

The Uniface tree widget is very limited and does not provide most of the
features of the true system widget as provided by Windows. And we learnt
it the hard way (the documentation sure forgets to mention a lot of
things – especially the limitations).

>1. Can the current state of a node can be acertained using proc code


>2. Can a node can be expanded using proc code

No, with one exception. If you were to set the tab field value to a item
that is not visible, the tree will be expanded to show it.

>3. Can the whole of the tree (all nodes) can be expanded using proc



Hope this saves some of your time.

Rajesh Kulkarni
(602) 308 3462
JDA Software

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