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[U-L] Application server "problems"

We are trying to use the Application server (ASV) to send async. messages
from a form on one machine to a service on another. We have created all the
.ini .asn files (as far as we know) according to the configuration guide.

The sender seems to work, the message arrives to the message daemon at the
reciever… now the problem begins, the message is queued at the daemon and
nothing more happens. If we have understod everything right, the message
daemon should start the ASV and deliver the message to the service; if we
start the service manually the message is not queued but nothing happens
with the service.

We are aware of that the text above doesn’t explain the problem too well,
but if there is anyone that have had some experience with the ASV and have
any idea of what we are doing wrong, please let us know ( or if anyone can
direct us to some document that explains the ASV better than the
installation/configuration guides does)

Hans Olausson
Ericsson Compitex AB  

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[U-L] Antwort: using /cpy from the command line with ODBC


generally speaking, it should be possible.

- it should be easier to track the problem by dividing it into two steps:
 a) convert from DBF to TRX
 b) convert from TRX to ORA:

- Have a look at your ASN-Files
— where are the dbf-files directed to
— where is ORA: directed to

- increase I/O-priority to 127 to see which file UNIFACE tries to access.


"Robin Bramley" <rbram…@bigfoot.com> on 24.08.99 16:28:52

Bitte antworten an unifac…@uug.org

An:   unifac…@uug.org
Kopie:     (Blindkopie: Compuware ScharnowM/D/ExternalStaff/WLB)
Thema:    [U-L] using /cpy from the command line with ODBC

Is it possible to copy data from an ODBC Data Source, in my case FoxPro
into an Oracle database ?
For example :-     /cpy od1:Cmocode.dbf ora:
I’ve tried a number of combinations, but I get the error :-
8066 – Copy failed :open error on input file/table ‘Cmocode.dbf’
I believe that my ODBC Data Source settings are ok.
Is there an assignment setting missing ?
IS it possible ??


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[U-L] Device Translation Tables


Does anyone have a Device Trans, Table for an HPLJ4000N,HPLJ8100 or HPLJ5si. I am trying to get a Barcode simm to work with any of these printer type, my existing P_LASERJET4 table works fine on an HPLJ5P but produces nothing but a but a blank page.


Rob Cooper

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Remote Accessing Uniface Applications

As a newbie to Uniface, I am seeking information relating in anyway to
accessing and executing uniface 7.2 developed applications from remote
site using Virtual networks and direct dialing. I need to find the
maximum proformance at the least cost.
Anyone got any insight, tips or tricks?

Thanking you in advance

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Tree List Column Width

In a tree view part of a tree control is there any way to find the width of
a column.

You can get the original size of the column from the field properties but
if the user adjusts the column size is there any way to get that.


Anthony Widdowson
System Architect
Midland Software Limited
Tel:    +44(0)115 9456000
Fax:    +44(0)115 9405286


The information contained in this email is intended only for the named
recipient(s) and may be confidential and/or privileged.  Unauthorised use
or reproduction (including storage or re-distribution in any media) is

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Re: [U-L] Loading a Glyph and text into a command button – SOLVED


Thanks Sanchez Mena and everyone else who responded.

The autolabel was on!
When I turned it off it worked fine.

/Hans Olauuson

- — -

—–Original Message—–
From: Sanchez Mena (JASM) [mailto:jam...@openbank.es]
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 9:22 AM
To: unifac…@uug.org
Subject: Re: [U-L] Loading a Glyph and text into a command button

check the autolabel property in the command button, it must be set off..

Hans Olausson wrote:

> Hi,
> I’m trying to laod a Glyph and a text into a command button but I’m not
> getting it right. I’ve followd the instuctions below (from "help"):

> To load a glyph and text into a command button:

> 1.      Paint a command button and label directly adjacent to each other.
> The height of the button and label should be the same.
> 2.      Define the data type for the command button as Image.
> 3.      Associate the label with the command button. This internalizes the
> label in the command button.

> So far so good, the label and the button are now "connected".
> My problem is that only the Glyph is showing, not the label. I’ve tried
> changing the datatype of the button.
> Image(any source) : Shows the Glyph but not the label.
> Image(database), Image(Glyph),Image(disc file) : Show the label but not
> Glyph (only the "!").

> Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

> regards
> Hans Olausson

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Uniface client hostname and MS SQL

We have the need to see the client hostname in
sysprocesses (sp_who, etc).  We are using Uniface
7.2.04, MS SQL 7, and connecting through the MS
"open client" like native driver (not ODBC).
Thanks in advance.

Terry Magee

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New Macro example added

Hi all,

I added a Word Macro example to the OLE site if anyone is intersted….



Stefan Phillips

Prosequm GmbH
Mannheim, Germany

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Old Debugger

Is there any way I can stop the Old debugger fromclosing everything when I
close the debugger???

Thanks in advance

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5.2g Y2K Ready?

We have a very stable application written in Uniface 5.2g, I have testing
the system by forward the system date to 31 Dec, 1999 – 1 Jan, 2000 and then
28 Feb, 2000 – 29 Feb, 2000, all the function look work fine, and all the
report show the correct fig., should I converted it to a 7.2.03? Since
migrate to 7.2.03 is a big afford.

Is that any known problem of 5.2g on Y2K issue?

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