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[U-L] UNIX IDF, v6.1.DL


A question from one of my software engineers:

Does anyone know how to navigate around in character mode in
the IDF version 6.1.dl on HPUX 10.20?  TERM env variable is set to
xterm but also tried VT100 and didn’t see any difference.  The gold key
doesn’t seem to be the gold key and I can’t get off the login name to get
any farther  in the IDF.


> *********************

Ellen Cross
Director, Business Information Systems
Micromedex, Inc.
303.486.6607        ellen.cr…@mdx.com

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The named component cannot be found


Does everyone have a solution for my little problem?

In a form i have a command button within the follow statements:

new_instance "scm_tab", "scm_tab"
activate "scm_tab"

The form "scm_tab" has the widget type: primary

After the new_instance statement, the $status is -58 (The named
component cannot be found).

What is wrong and what i have to do??

Thanks for your Help


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Import Wizard (ascii to RDBMS)

I made this Wizard last year, maybe you think it is usefull too. Tool
generates sql from ascii-file and table definitions from the repository.

4 step wizard
date-syntax convertion (solid, oracle, as is)
single quote convertion
rollback at all times
sql preview


Zip file contains exp-file (5 forms), readme.rtf, and 2 bitmaps.

Hope you like it,

Met vriendelijke groeten/With kind regards

Jeroen Sanders
IT Consultant
T +31 (0)6 55 85 76 06
ECsoft Nederland BV
Zekeringstraat 42
1014 BT Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 680 27 77
F +31 (0)20 680 27 78

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Uniface's UML-API with OCX

On the Uniface 7.2.04 CD, I have a file called ‘umlapi_test.exe’.  It
allows an external
application to create UML constructs in Uniface.  It’s a very small
executable (11 KB).
Does anybody know if the source code of umlapi_test.exe is available?
And in which
programming language it’s written (C, Basic?).  Or did anybody write a
small program
written in C (200 lines of code let’s say) which has the same

Thank you

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[U-L] Casesensitivity problem

How do you solve the casesensitive problem in Uniface with the Oracle-database (and Solid)? For instance MS SQLServer you can install to be caseinsensitive and so the Uniface MSS-driver works well. But if I have understood Oracle right, you can’t install it caseinsensitive?  You can use sortorders that will give you caseinsensitive search-lists, but to retrieve in a caseinsensitive matter, you have to use the UPPER function in the SQL-clause. The Uniface ORA-driver is not caseinsensitive so you will have a problem if you need caseinsensitive searching in your Uniface application, how to solve this not to affect the openess of Uniface? Should Uniface support a caseinsensitive ORA-driver?

  Regards Roger.

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[U-L] Call-in API problem


        I am having a problem using the call-in API.

        When trying to create an instance of a particular hidden form using
UINSTNEW, I receive the error code -58 (meaning "The named component cannot
be found"). I can easily create instances of other hidden forms and
services, it is just this one that is causing me problems. The only thing
that is noticeably different from another hidden form that works is that it
has a fairly large number of parameters in the exec trigger (28).

        Could anyone suggest how I might go about tackling this?



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[U-L] PVCS and Uniface 7.2.03

Has anybody used PVCS and VC Link with Uniface 7.2.03?

Mark Youngs

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How to Find when Viewing Listing

We just converted to Version 7.2.04 and I’ve started compiling forms.
When I View Listing, there’s no Find under the Edit menu and F11 doesn’t
provide a Find dialog box.

I can Shift-Right-Mouse click, copy and paste to an editor, or I can
find the .PRO file and load that into an editor to find, but those
approaches are not at all convenient.

Is there a more direct Search/Find of the compile listing?

Jim Olson                                Moorhead State University
Developer                                   LI 206, 1104 7th Ave S
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities      Moorhead, MN  56563
jol…@dvlp.mnscu.edu                               (218) 291-4208

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Re: [U-L] PVCS and Uniface


My experience with VC-Link / Uniface / PVCS solution is not so good.

I run a Uniface consultancy in Australia, and as a part of a Uniface Six
to Seven migration job we had last year, we were requested to look into
a configuration management solution.

Compuware had just bought Vine systems (who originally made vc-link),
which indicated to me that they were likely to drop UVCS soon.  As you
know that is now official.

So we implemented it, and the problems were:
* poor integration with Uniface development environment (I believe that
this may now have improved)
* Speed (especially of listing items from the VCS)
* Only available for Windows (i.e.: really slow, and hard to administer)
* PVCS is expensive, and not everyone’s choice
* PVCS functions duplicated in Uniface.  This has apparently
subsequently caused Uniface / Compuware problems.  At the moment
Compuware cannot deliver a PVCS 6.5 solution because they haven’t been
given the updated API (there’s an article on pillars to that effect).
* Architecture.

The final point saw the death of the project.

Since Uniface stores its source code in a database, and there is no real
‘single’ source (there are entities, fields, conceptual code, external
code, templates, services, reports and forms, global procs include….),
it made it almost impossible to determine WHAT was needed to ‘unlock’
for a programmer to fix a bug!

There is also no way of setting up ‘reference’ code.  All VCS systems
support this, but a ‘read-only’ copy of an export is useless.  And once
you import it, all objects are read-and-write!

There were procedures that could be implemented, but the developers
(fairly rightly) didn’t see it as worth the effort.

So I hit the drawing board, and came up with a very simple idea.  


Then you could finally easily search your code, do global replaces, and
what’s more, you wouldn’t need some fancy interface to a version control
system.  You could use the GNU VCS or Visual Source Safe or whatever!

After some tinkering we discovered that we could do it…..

The product is called XML-IDF/UD6 and is simply a ‘database driver’.  It
is currently in testing and demo downloads will be available from our
web site later this month.

For more information, and to subscribe to our mailing list please visit:

Our site is undergoing a bit of maintenance at the moment, so if you
have any difficulties accessing it, please be patient.


Arthur Barrett
Senior Uniface Consultant

- — -

> —–Original Message—–
> From:      Alex Leguevaques [SMTP:alex.leguevaq...@wanadoo.fr]
> Sent:      Monday, 15 November 1999 6:51
> To:        unifac…@uug.org
> Subject:   [U-L] PVCS and Uniface

> Hi,

> Is anybody here using PVCS with Unifa      ce 7.2 ?
> We are investigating a replacement for UVCS and wonder if VC-Link
> interface is reliable (most important) and fast.
> We are about 15 developpers working on 2 repositories.

> Our environment :
> Windows NT 4
> OpenVMS 7.2
> RDB 7
> Uniface 7.2.04

> Thank you

> Alex Leguevaques
> Software Engineer
> Supra Caisse Maladie
> Lausanne, Switzerland

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[U-L] Change toolbars in IDF

Does anyone know how to change the contents of the toolbar and/or
the popop menu in IDF.

Tonnie Hoogstraate

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