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Archive for February, 2012

[U-L] Internal date formats


In v5, when processing date type global variables, the display format was
used internally, i.e. you could have:

$$date_var = dis(mm/yy)

and doing $$date_var[4,5] would give the yy component.

In version 7, Uniface appears to ignore the display format when processing
date type and holds the variable internally in the format yyyymmdd
regardless of display settings.

Is there any way of getting u7 to behave as in u5 in this respect ?? Am I
missing something simple??


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[U-L] Problem with dimmed multiline editbox

If you dim a multi-line editbox, the scrollbar controls are also dimmed so
you can’t scroll to the end of the text.

If you make the editbox merely read-only, the user can still click in it
triggering the FieldGetsFocus trigger. In our code, the FieldGetsFocus
trigger calls code to display messages on the status line. We don’t want
this to happen when the field is read-only.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we can make such a field read-only and
unable to take focus, yet still have the scrollbar available?

Tracy Hartley
Software Engineer
Aerosystems International

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[U-L] About Wildcards On Db4-As400

Is anybody uses Wildcards On db4???
like $1 = "???" where "???" are gold
and i do a retrieve with this variable like
field_1 = $1
This fails to retrieve but it works on solid oracle or odbc what about
this driver?????

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Hi all, we are trying to access a MS Access database, we installed the
ODBC driver U2.9 for 7.2.02 (we are in 7.2.03), and we followed the
steps of the odbc manual.

In the Doc, the dll name for windows NT is odbcnt29, and odbcntcf, but
the real DLL name is odbc_U7NT_29.dll and odbc_U7NT_29CF.dll, we rename
the files to the suposed names and includen in the demanload section.

The configuration application (odbcconf.aps), works fine and we are able
to read the data structure, generate the CIF File and make the CIF load,
everything is ok except a stream of  ? symbol, that we had to change by
the model name.

Then we add the next sentences to the ASN file:

$ODBC        UD0:(DSN Name)||                  ;In the Doc, the name for
the path is OD0 but it doesn’t work

*.MYMODEL            $ODBC:*.*

And here we crash, when we try to retrieve data, a transcript appears
and said

"unable to locate 3GL function UDBUD0"

What is wrong?


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[U-L] Spawning on windows nt

I want to concatenate the contents of a file a on to file b

On NT I am using the spawn command as
        "command /c copy p:\a.txt+p:\b.txt"
Uniface is ignoring the path and only doing the command if the files exist
in my home directory

On Unix I am using
        "cat /dir/a.txt >> /dir/a.txt"
and it picks up the directory structure and works correctly

Can anyone let me know how to force Uniface to recognise the path passed to
the spawn command in Windows NT


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[U-L] VMS exit statuses

Does anyone have any idea where we can find a full list of the statuses that
uniface exits with in VMS.
e.g. When exiting an application via Control+C the status is %X38004

Gary Joyce
Carphone Warehouse

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the system manager.

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MIMEsweeper for the presence of computer viruses.


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[U-L] Empty command file

Hi all,

We’re trying to build an executable for a Uniface 6.1du application
on UNIX 10.20. When we compile and link the startup-shell, the
<app.c> file is created OK but the command file that is created is
empty. We’ve also tried it with a ‘bare-bones’ dummy application and
still no command file. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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[U-L] Win 2000


Has Uniface 7 been qualified on Win 2000?

Has anyone got any experiences to share?

Rob Cooper

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[U-L] Uniface Runtime

Dear all,

I am running Uniface deployment environment on an Alpha using OpenVMS.

When exiting from the deployment environment, I am given the messages:

"Failed to find global proc CREATE_UUSRPRF"
"Failed to despatch 3GL proc UOMEACTIVE" (which I believe is in the MTF40
library, but linking this into the idf build doesn’t help…)

Any suggestions please??!!


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UPUTMESS does not work if I set io 0 in debug mode or /pri=0 or $ioprint=0

Dear Unifacers,

I am Using Uniface 7.2.03, Oracle 8.0 and Windows NT. To create 3GL I am
using VC++ 4.2 Enterprise Edition.

I have created one 3GL using simple ‘C’ code and the VC++ compiler. In
that code I have written UPUTMESS("Test");.

When I call it from the program by perform "dllname" with $ioprint or
/pri or io is zero, then the dll does not put the message text "Test" in
the message frame and the the ‘C’ codes written after the UPUTMESS are
not executed.

But if I set only when the io = 63 or /pri=63 or $ioprint=63 then the
dll is working. Then I am able to see the message text "Test" in the
message frame and the codes written after the UPUTMESS is executing.

Is it a BUG???? or Is there any solution???

Thank you.


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