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If you receive an email from me with the subject "Check this", delete it
quickly.  Do NOT open it.  It is a virus that asks you if you want to create
a shortcut on your desktop to a XXX website.  It then goes and sends this
same email to everyone in your address book.  Some of the virus software is
catching it first, but some are not.  I have already received this virus
twice.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Barry Stubbs

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[U-L] More info on the virus

Here is some more info I found on the virus that may have been sent to you.
These two links give you information about what the virus does:



Make sure you delete the following files on your computer, if they exist,
and empty your recycle bin:


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[U-L] Dll….

I haven’t mention something about uniface and user dll
A developer can call a dll function  without modify the source code
to include the uniface library??? (lets say that the source code is
copyrigth by another company…)
Is this possible with signatures or not???
To call a function or procedure in dll the only think you need to know
is the in and out parameters????

(some examples will be fine )

Thank You….

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migration to oracle tools

hello, i am a consultant and a company i am actually working for is
seeking for a migration from the uniface environment (rel. 5.2.g2) to
the newest Oracle Tools. I am just wondering if there is some product
that can help make this process automatic… even if it requires multi
migration steps (such as upgrading to a newer version of uniface to
migrate to oracle tools after).

does anyone can help in this topic?
thank you alot.

Matteo Campanella

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Before you buy.

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Global variables in not-selfcontained components.

 We’re trying to run a form component in batchmode in a
VAX-Unix-environment. To do this, we’ve created a application startup-shell
and a special assignmentfile. The component is running quite well as a
non-selfcontained component. Except for one thing: we’ve got a few messages
"Global variable $$VARxxx not available".
We’ve generated new DOL-files, we’ve compiled with /obj, we’ve put
$variation in our asn-file and a few other things. All of this didn’t work.
Is there someone who has the solution for this problem?

Jan Nieuwhof

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[U-L] Floating point data type

Hello all,

I have recently undertaken a migration of a Uniface system from version 5 to
version 7, which uses RMS files as it’s main database.

One problem I have uncovered is that several database fields defined as
floating point F8′s no longer appear to map correctly – the field size is
o.k. but existing floating point data in the RMS record can not be

I can write new values to the records o.k. and display them, but can not
translate existing data in the file.

Can anybody help?



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Re: [U-L] U-L]Dynamically dimming panels

Hi Tim,

If you look at the new 7204 and 7205 debugger you see that the
panel is dimmed and undimmed. The panel is dimmed when the
application that is being debugged is in control, and the panel
is undimmed when the debugger is in control.

To achieve such behaviour is undocumented Uniface functionality,
of which I cannot speak.

However, on the uuu-site http://members.es.tripod.de/~uuu
There is a tool called the M.U.M. With this tool you can remove
some bits from the compiled Uniface-forms (like udbg*.frm) and
then the forms are readable in the Uniface 7204/5 debugger
(browser). Perhaps you can discover how the dimming is achieved
it works there.

For yourown buttons that look like MsOffice you can create
yourown buttons and use them in panels as user-defined buttons.
These buttons can be routed to an Operation.

Regards, Franklin M Nurmohamed

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[U-L] Windows 2000 problem with Uniface 7.2.04/05

We have an annoying problem with Uniface 7.2.04 and 7.2.05 to do with the
way the windows are drawn on the screen.

For example, if we had a customer screen up then bring up another window up
over the top then the customer screen behind it is redrawn. This also
happens if alt+tabbing to Uniface from another application. This also makes
the mouse slow down while it’s re-drawing the forms.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?

Thanks in advance,

Vincent Brindle
PSE Ltd.
vbrin…@psesoft.com <mailto:vbrin…@psesoft.com>

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(no subject)

Hello everybody,

Suppose I have a local variable e.g.:


    numeric l_amount


and somewhere in the code I need to have its value in two digits format
e.g. ’09′ instead of just ’9′. Is there a way of applying a Layout
definition (DIS (99)) to the variable.


Randhir Mungra

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[U-L] Open Component Properties Crash


Were you ever able to get into the properties of the component?

I am having a similar problem with two (so far) of about 2000+ forms recently
converted from v6.1 to 7.2.04 – WinNT -> RMS/VMS via Poly.

I think it has to do with the number of items painted on the form.  One of the
above forms did not have the problem until I painted a new field on it.  Once
did that, I would get the error/crash when trying to enter the form properties.

If I removed the newly added field, I could enter the properties.  (165 items
the form).

I then created a new form, painted a dummy entity and 164 fields.  I was not
able to get into the properties (app crashed every time) until I reduced the
number of fields to 159.

Has anyone else notice a problem similar to this with more that 160 item
painted on a Uniface forms (in ver 7.2.04).  If so, any fixes?


Dave Willford
MnSCU CSU-IT System Developer
Bemidji State University         218 755 3793
Bemidji Minnesota, USA        http://vax1.bemidji.msus.edu/~dwillford

>>> <Thomas.Kuf…@bertelsmann.de> 02/17 3:46 AM >>>

Hi Santosh,

we got a similar thing. Form loading ok, but going to form properties, the
lovely Dr. Watson talks to us. This form was one of approx. 2000 forms we
migrated from V6.1du to V7.204 SYB/UNIX/Polys.

After checking the xtrace where I can’t find any information except a break in
the middle of a fetch, I assume that a special character might causing the
or the amount of some information is exceeding a limitation (e.g. 32 k per
trigger or any text length limitation).

Analyze schema doesn’t help. Clean-up doesn’t help. Export/Import from V6 to
again doesn’t help. Modifying the form and re-storing doesn’t help. I’m now
trying to copy it. Unfortunately it’s a very, very complex form (23 different
entities). I’m still try to find out what it is….

Try one of the things I mentioned above, maybe one helps.


- — -

> —–Original Message—–
> From:      Joshi, Santosh [SMTP:santo...@wpds.com]
> Sent:      Wednesday, February 16, 2000 7:16 PM
> To:        Uniface contributions
> Subject:   [U-L] Crashes in Uniface 7.2.04
> Importance:        High

> Hi,

> Our environment:
> Uniface 7.2.04 (u-sts402.702) on Windows NT and 95.

> Our problem:
> If we try to open some forms in idf (NOT all), it crashes giving us the
Dr.Watson window.

> We have a couple of other "good" environments where we can open the same

forms without any problems.
> We deleted the "bad" forms in the "bad" area (once from Uniface Delete form

facility and then also from SQL) and then importing the forms from these
areas. Even then IDF crashes when we try to open these forms.

- — -

> We compared the FORMPIC of the "good" and "bad" areas but found nothing

> Also, the fast form on UFORM crashes in the "bad" area but works fine in the
"Good" areas.
> We think the problem might be Uniface reading the FORMPIC or displaying the

> Our database is ORACLE 7.x.
> Both the "good" and the "bad" areas use the SAME Uniface installation.

> Has anyone had this problem before?

> Any help is appreciated.

> Santosh

> PS: We cannot open the form from the Global Actions in the "bad" area


- — -

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