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Off topic: $UUU web has been updated.

$UUU is pleased to announce that our web site has been updated: ;-)

Thanks !


What is new on 15/05/2000

 Updates on:

 - Documentation. (1 new doc)
 - Utilities. (4 new utils)
 - Uniface links. (updated and new links)
 - Sex. (New 3rd party products)
 - Underground + A new documents about U-Nome.
   The Uniface geNOME Project is about the uniface binary files, so this
   project encourage us to investigate and research the code of Uniface
   genome (the segments), the objective is build tools like the
MumKiller or why not ? A decompiler.


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Re: [U-L] Linespacing

How about using ‘$no_unifields’ in your asn file instead of what you are using right now.
BTW an editbox can support proportional fonts and text layout info such as margins and rulers is not allowed.

Shovon Banerjee
Uniface Tech Support

*PS:my views are not the views of COMPUWARE

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Re: [U-L] Locked system files ?

Unfortunately I cannot be of any help except to say that we experience this
problem regularly.

We first had a problem like this a couple of years ago using Uniface 6.1.dp
installed on a shared network drive.  However, the problem manifested itself
with the error "Unable to find usys.sek" or something like that.  That error
was complete nonsense, since the 100+ people already running the application
had no problem finding the SEK.  This was at a customer site where they
could have anywhere up to 200 people running from the same shared

There was no solution to this except to install two different copies of
Uniface and make half of the icons point to one installation directory, half
to another.  We were never positive what the exact figure of "simultaneous
accesses" was to make this problem recur.  We also found that rebooting the
NT box "fixed" the problem (obviously due to the fact that everyone’s
running application crashed and they had to restart after the server came
back up).

We continue to have problems today with Uniface 7.2.03, 7.2.04 and 7.2.05.
We had a call open at one point, but there was no resolution.  Fingers were
pointed at Microsoft networking, resource usage, locks on files etc.,
although we’ve got other applications (written in VB for example) that are
run by more users simultaneously than any installation of Uniface we’ve got.
We’ve no problem with those apps.

Basically we now use our own VB application which reads a configuration file
to decide which installation of Uniface to point to.  If we reach
"saturation" we simply alter the configuration file to point to a new
installation of Uniface.  This was initially done to facilitate the
installation of patches on fresh copies of Uniface to avoid having to get
all our developers to stop using a single installtion of Uniface at once (an
impossible task).

Most of our customers either run "fat clients" or have low enough number of
users accessing a single copy of Uniface runtime to avoid this problem.

I’ve seen other people post similar problems to the Listserver, but I’ve
never seen someone offer a solution…


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—–Original Message—–
From: cell-gfx [mailto:cell_...@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2000 2:21 AM
To: unifac…@uug.org
Subject: [U-L] Locked system files ?

We have been experiencing a recurring problem, ever since we moved to
7.203. Every few weeks, our environment seems to lock up. We see a
transcript that tells us UNETCP failed and no-one can access our
applications. The only way we have found to get round this is to reboot
everyone’s PCs that accesses the software.

Has anyone heard of this problem or suffered the same effects ?

(If it’s any use, we access the installation from our Windows 95
across a network to our NT4 box. Help !)



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[U-L] Writing Web Applications

I dont know if any of you caught the recent announcements at Apple Computers
Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, but it included some news about
their Web Application Server.

Now this interests me because they are the only other company I know of that
actually uses this term to describe their web development tool (other than
Compuware that is).

Steve Jobs took to the stage to talk about WebObjects. His highlights

* The ability to create Web apps 10 times faster than the competition.
* WO is the #1 Web application for creating server apps.
* There are 3,000 WO customers, including AT&T, SONY, AAA, Mercedes, UPS,
Adobe, and Virgin.

Those companies have been granted unlimited use licenses for US$50,000
Apple aims to put WebObjects in the hands of more people. The price is being
lowered from US$50,000 to US$699, effective immediately. That price will
include all tools, unlimited usage.

Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Solaris, HP-UX available NOW.
Shipping a Java version later this year.
(edited highlights from http://www.go2mac.com/powerpage).

I have 2 questions,

* Anyone want to guess the adoption # for Uniface Web App Server ?
* Anyone want to take a punt at the liklihood of Compuware offering a
similar price break ?
* Anyone considering Uniface WAS at the moment?  If so what competing
technologies are you considering?  What is there price point, and adoption?

I know very little about WebObjects, but it seems that Uniface has a lot
more competition these days….

Comments ?


Arthur Barrett

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Polyserver Installation problems

Hello college’s

I have a serious problem.

We’re installing the Polyserver on a WNT platform. After starting the
IDF.exe we get the message 10054
The system contents an Oracle database, development, deployment and
polyserver on a WNT server with TCP/IP connection. Development and
Deployment on a client.

We can reach the superserver but a psv.exe is not generated. The trace.txt
in the userdir is generated but remains empty.

Can someone give me a clue.


Ewout Verschueren
Completion BV

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Change image of a button in a panel


I looking for a solution to change at run-time session the image of a button
into a panel.

I use the version 7.2.04 of Uniface, if it isn’t possible in this version,
will it be possible with the version 8 ?

Thanks for yours helps



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split forms


We want to use the split fonctionnality, but Uniface seems to react strangly
with forms sizes.
The geometry activate parameter is not used by Uniface, instead it brings a
default (bizarre) size. So we have to correctly resize the form, and its
status is save in the registry.
Is there a way to define the size and to prevent resizing of the global form


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Printer font

We are currently working with on Windows 98/NT clients.
When we change the printer font in the setup menu (fonts – printer fonts) –
we are still using the P_MSWIN3 device translation table – we don’t notice a
font change on paper (HP LaserJet / OKI matrix printer)! The printed fonts
remain the same forever.
Is there someone why this doesn’t work anymore? Is there an alternative to
change our printer fonts?

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[U-L] Activating a C program on a Solaris server from U7 on NT 4

Hi All,

We are trying to activate a UNIX/C program on a Sun
Solaris 5.7 server from a Uniface 7.2.05 client on
Windows NT 4.0 and obviously, have been unsuccessful
:)Would someone be able to help us (newbies to U7)
with this ?

Thanks muchly,


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