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Re: [U-L] Maximum number of operands in a retrieve profile ?


I do not think that you are going about solving this problem the "right

For a start, the retrieve profile for an exact match is: "Gold=key1" or
simplified "key1"

To retrieve either key1 or  key2 the profile is: "Gold=key1Gold|Gold=key2"
or simplified "key1Gold|key2"

The list separating character Gold; has no meaning in a profile, which is
the meaning of the error message Invalid opr in iflist.  

The iflist is a special parameter Uniface passes the DBMS driver containing
the selection criteria.

Whilst inefficient, I suggest creating a repeat or while loop, to extract
each item from the list in turn, and perform a retrieve/x or retrieve/a.

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Arthur Barrett

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> Subject:   [U-L] Maximum number of operands in a retrieve profile ?

> I’m retrieving records from a table using a profile list.

> Consider this code :

> ;I have 60 items in my list.
> $List$ = "key1;key2;key3;…;key60"

> clear/e "MyTable"
> PrimaryKey.MyTable = $List$
> retrieve/e "MyTable"

> On Win95 I get this message frame:

> I/O function: S, mode: 0, on file/table: MYTABLE index: 1 >=
> DBMS error : 1
> (stat-5) Invalid opr in iflist

> On WinNT i get Dr Watson popping up :-)

> Is there a maximum number of operands you can use
> in a profile ?

> If so, is there another way of doing such a retrieve ?

> Christian Piquet.
> Federal Express.

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