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Re: [U-L] Polyserver problem


This message is typical when the psv process on the server quits
unexpectedly.  Why this is happening I can’t help you with.  Maybe it is
because you don’t have a 64 bit polyserver ?

To get rid of the transcript window, either use freeidf.exe (a program which
runs on WinNT and kills transcript windows), or specify
$transcript_logfile=c:\logfile.log in the [SETTINGS] section of the ASN file
(setting this means that the transcript window never comes up).

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Sincerely yours,

Arthur Barrett
Senior Uniface Consultant

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> —–Original Message—–
> From:      Richard Gill [SMTP:r.g...@symphonieonline.com]
> Sent:      Monday, February 05, 2001 7:53 PM
> To:        unifac…@uug.org
> Subject:   [U-L] Polyserver problem

> Hi,

> I’ve a terminaison problem on a machine which has the following
> configuration:
> AIX 3 4 on escala (64bits)
> Oracle 8 (64bits)
> Uniface 7.2.06 with Polyserver, ASV, and UMD active

> When I leave the IDF, I have this inactive transcript:
> TCP: [4] Interrupted system call 4
> TCP: [9] Bad file number 9
> TCP: [9] Bad file number 9
> 8062 – [A] Request terminated (network failure (9) detected)
> 8062 – [A] Request terminated (network failure (0) detected)

> I can’t find the message with id 8062 in the Uniface messages list.
> I think the problem comes from the server file system, but I’m not sure.
> It happens on all stations (95/98) and on a NT4 server which performs
> backups via
> the caracter mode IDF (the backups can’t operate the night because these
> transcript
> windows stop the processing.

> Anyone has an idea ? Thanks.

> Richard GILL
> Uniface Developper
> Symphonie On Line

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